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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  October 10, 2016 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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responding to what donald trump was heard saying about letter on it that individu -- her on that video. msnbc's coverage continues on "the 11th hour." "the 11th hour" is next and it williams. "the 11th hour" is now and it is live. tonight donald trump goes back to basics, serving up red meat at a rally in pennsylvania while ignoring the controversy that may have been a fatal wound for his campaign. meantime, the republican party appears to be coming apart. the speaker of the house today all but admitted the presidential race could be over and the duty of house members may be to save the house. plus john mccain tonight speaking out against donald trump as arizona fights to keep his seat. "the 11th hour" begins now. good evening from our headquarters here in new york
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with 28 days left to go until we elect a new president. after a small, dark and ugly debate last night, easily the nastiest of the television era, here is where we stand at air time tonight. the highest ranking elected official in the republican party, the speaker of the house, today said he will no longer defend the nominee who last night called his opponent the devil, that she belongs in jail, and tonight agreed with a chanting crowd saying lock her up. john heilman said on msnbc tonight that race is no longer close to being competitive. chuck todd said tonight republicans may be staring at a total collapse of the party by election day. the "washington post" headline this evening is "gop stumbles toward annarchy" and that's whee we begin. at a rally in western pennsylvania, trump went off script and sounded like the
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donald trump in the primary season, going after his opponent and more. >> lock her up is right. now, we are going to get a special prosecutor to figure this deal out. i have never been so ashamed of this country as what's gone on with hillary clinton. we have to make sure that this election is not stolen from us and is not taken away from us. and everybody knows what i'm talking about. and this could get meatier. you talk about crooked hillary, they're worse than she is. without the media, hillary clinton couldn't be elected dog catcher. i mean that. she's a liar. it's so important that we get out in november, that we vote, so we get rid of these liars, we get rid of these incompetent people, we get rid of the hillary clintons of the world. even the polls are crooked. we're in a rigged system, folks.
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we're in a rigged system. you're going to look back at this rally for the rest of your life. you're going to remember this day. this is a movement like you've never seen before and you will never see it again . if it doesn't happen november 8, it will never happen for our country. believe me, it will never happen again. >> something the candidate did not mention tonight, the tape that surfaced on friday sending his campaign into a tailspin. his remarks about women that now define him to millions. tonight rudy giuliani was making light of it all. >> she's attacking him about russia and she sold 20% of our uranium to russia? that's a disgrace. do you know how much the clintons got for that? over $100 million! boy, that is as phony as -- i can't say the word because i have to be nice. i might say it back in the
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locker room. >> trump himself did mention the video at his earlier event today in pennsylvania. he also sounded like a man who knows perhaps there is more footage out there and warned that if it shows up, he'll go deeper on the clintons. >> locker room talk, whatever you want to call it. but bill clinton sexually assaulted innocent women and hillary clinton attacked those women viciously. one of them said more viciously than he attacked them. if they want to release more tapes saying inappropriate things, we'll continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton doing inappropriate things. there are so many of them, folks. you probably saw yesterday we brought four wonderful women to st. louis.
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>> the campaign trail in the white house, linda wallace and hugh hewitt with the show that bears the same name. welcome to you both. nicole, david gergan tonight was on cnn saying how good people are, how people were unable to sleep last night, how upsetting this all is. while subject to parody, yes, this is a really serious moment right now. >> it is. there was a moment a week ago where lines crossed, where comedy and reality crossed. and now we're on the underbelly, right, where comedy is where we get our sort of laughs and our only lightness in our politics and the politics have become so truly dark. i think that you have to keep in mind that this is where donald trump began, not 15 months ago, but when he commenced his birther movement. that was sort of the birth of his political life. and so he started with sort of
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the darkest, falsest, nastiest kind of campaign ever. and the real atrocity is as many members of the republican party, as many revered members of the gop got behind him as did. he is not anyone who ever evolved or ever signalled that he planned to evolve. he's someone who started out as a champion of the barack obama birther movement. his primary campaign -- his opening speech talked about mexicans as rapists and murderers, and then he went on to disparage john mccain, who i was heartened to see withdraw his support over the weekend. where do we go now? i said last night what you're watching is the bottom falling out of the gop, and that's very much what it looks like when speaker ryan says he will no longer defend donald trump. but i think the pressure not just from their voters, not just the political pressure, but the human pressure, the pressure from the women in their lives, from their sons, from their daughters to not stand by a man clearly void of character. >> hugh hewitt, i heard some
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serious-minded people today say this is nothing short of a change in the definition of the republican party. whatever this is, you're going to see people running under its banner at the state and local level if this doesn't succeed at the presidential level. what do you think is happening, a, to your country, b, to your party? >> i think last night was unfortunate. richard engel in that exchange with turkey talked about the image we were projecting abroad, and i called on richard to try to get him on tomorrow, because i think it's important people understand there is a downside to our intramural mud wrestling. on the other hand, as a republican, i think that is overstated. i think tomorrow was actually a good day for the republican party. whenever we cannot agree to something, we say perhaps you're right, and that's the signal to stop fighting and go our separate ways, we're not going
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to resolve it. paul ryan and donald trump have said, perhaps you're right, and the campaigns have diverged. i think that's very good for house republicans and for kelly ayotte and richard burg. there are some people who could use some showing up like joe heck in nevada, and i think now the congressional campaigns are going to focus on obamacare, which the secretary of state conceded last night, is falling apart. premiums have doubled and coverages have been halved. you didn't get to keep your doctor or your second doctor and your plan. if no other shoe falls and no other ice breaks, he may be able to close the gap and maybe even get close, though the numbers today are pretty astonishing. the wall street journal nbc poll
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is at 11 points. that tape is not going to stop playing because it doesn't have an expiration date, it's just wonderful catnip to trump's enemies. >> it's more than catnip. i think the reason voters consume unscripted, unedited moments is because before trump, they were pretty rare moments. i'm going to fight in the desert about the policies in obamacare, i'm on my way. he is bob rumsfeld telling people who is to blame. but what i find stunning is that there is any sort of optimism that anyone in the country, any republicans, are going to spend the final, what, 27 days fighting about policy tweaks to obamacare. that is a fairy tale. >> here's what i want to listen to -- >> i have to answer that. >> go ahead, and then i want to say something. >> i sat down with the speaker and the leader two weeks ago, talked with greg walden, the
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chairman of the national congressional committee. that's exactly what they're going to do in the districts we don't cover where the campaign is fraught. mike gallagher, a young candidate in wisconsin, he's not talking about donald trump every day, he's talking about people's premiums. we don't see it, we don't cover it, but that's where we're going. what's going to happen at the very local level where the money flows in are these sorts of where are people in their lives right now, not these giant collisions way above them in the sky. >> the "we don't see it, we don't cover it" theory also allowed for the tea party movement to take washington by storm. no one saw it coming, no one had a clue. i want to play for you both a moment from last night that speaks to the ball game that makes everything else sound like aaa baseball. this is steve schmidt after midnight on our air summing up the state of this campaign. >> the parties just in
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unprecedently bad shape. the republican party is presidential campaign imploded. what michael murphy said was donald trump was politically dead coming into this debate, and once you're dead, you're dead. you don't come back to life. so he's dead. donald trump will not be elected president of the united states on november 8. hillary clinton will be the 45th president for sure. >> well, that will get your attention, nicole wallace, and a reporter with the "new york times" tonight said this hasn't hit bottom yet. the petri fying thing for electd republicans is there are six or seven or eight shoes yet to drop. >> yes, and kellyanne conley wasn't able to say there was not. she said i'll be here until the bitter end unless. this was on the table in their conversations this weekend in trump tower. it wasn't just this one tape from access hollywood, it was trump's acknowledgment to his
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closest advisers that there could be lots and lots of what they call trump tape. it's a known. it's not a known/unknown. it's a known there is a lot more tape out there, and again, this comes down -- i agree with steve's assessment. hillary clinton is most likely the next president, and it comes down to a question -- you know he's going to lose. hugh hewitt was against him and then for him and then this was the last sort of straw for you, hugh. when will the last straw be evident to the other people still standing by him? >> hugh? >> i don't know how many elected officials are going to be standing by him, actually. i spent a lot of time trying to talk when i was working to get him elected two weeks ago with john voight and david clark and going across the country and investing time. i talked to a lot of local elected officials who were eager to be with him because he was closing and had momentum. what's difficult about the tape is it's a confirmation of the worst understanding of what
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people have alleged as opposed to every other situation where people could use the ambiguity, use the language, perhaps give him the benefit of the doubt again and again and again with the exception of the p.o.w. comment which there was no doubt ever. john mccain gave him a pass on that so he got out of jail free. even if he plays a perfect game all wait through, he's not going to win because he can solidify his base but he can't expand it as a result of these elections. but i don't see any other people jumping on who will go down with him. there is the nicoles and the steves who are the professionals in this believe that if he loses 11, 12, 13 points, he'll drag down some of the senators. i actually believe that one of the things they're not taking into account is the acceleration of information flow in the people's lives by alternative means, and that while tickets reached its all-time low in
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2012, it could actually go three or four times as high because of hillary clinton's negatives, which we haven't talked about. the one thing trump delivered for the party last night was the prosecution of the 33,000 e-mails, the obamacare issue, and the double standard about the fbi, rudy elaborating on that in an interview with chris matthews on how martha stewart had gone to jail for far less than hillary clinton has evaded even a long day at the office for. >> that was right before chris matthews was forced to answer the question from rachel, has rudy changed? nicole, please hold on, and hugh, please hold on. you mentioned john mccain. john mccain, in addition to having survived the north vietnamese, has survived a couple of challengers over the years. he is running 16 points ahead right now. his debate was tonight.
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here is, from the debate, john mccain on donald trump. >> it's not pleasant for me to renounce the nominee of my party. he won the nomination fair and square. but this is -- i have daughters. i have friends. i have so many wonderful people on my staff. they cannot be degraded and demeaned in that fashion. i had to withdraw my support just as i cannot support hillary clinton. people of arizona know me and my service to them and my character and my integrity. i just worry, frankly, and this probably has nothing to do with this te badebate, but i worry a the future of the republican party. we'll have a lot of work to do after this election is over. >> who are you going to vote for? >> i think i might write in lindsay graham. he's an old, good friend of mine and a lot of people like him. the fact is, seriously, i cannot vote for either one.
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>> so, nicole? >> not voting for either one is the largest growing voter block in america, certainly in the republican party right now. for a long time, senators like mike flake and mark lee and jeb bush were on an island. now they do represent the largest growing voting block in the gop. >> tell that to president lindsey graham. nicole wallace, thank you both, thank you both as always. a packed house for hillary clinton tonight. her largest crowd for the campaign thus far. how she is handling her growing lead in the race and the new attacks from donald trump. >> he is an equal opportunity insulter if there ever was one! on the other side of this break, tavis smiley joins us when "the 11th hour" continues. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat
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did anybody see that debate last night? [ cheers ] >> i'll tell you what, i'm not sure you'll ever see anything like that again. at least, i hope you won't. >> a buoyant hillary clinton at the ohio state university tonight, biggest crowd of the campaign thus far. secret service estimates over 13,000 people came out to see her tonight. with that we welcome in tavis smiley, host of the show of the same name on pbs. tavr tavis, thank you for coming on tonight. you and i, in addition to having known each other for close to 20
8:21 pm
years, will be forever linked by the fact that we were sitting side by side when president obama was elected in the studio across the hall here in new york. my question to you is, with that night perhaps in the rearview mirror, what do you think is happening to your country? >> first of all, that was a great night of my life, one of my career highlights, brian. i am honored to have sat with you that night. thank you for the invitation then and thank you for the invitation tonight. if that was the country's high point in the march toward freedom and justice, this marks a low point. let me detail it just a little if i can. as i read the comments from all the networks and read the papers over the last 24 hours, i'm getting sicker and sicker to my stomach. i'm not just sick about the vile comments mr. trump made on the weekend about the videotape that came out in 2005 or the sick comments he made in this campaign. i'm not just sickened by his vile comments, i'm sickened by a media that was complicit in
8:22 pm
helping to make donald trump. almost universally we were complicit, and now almost universally we want to condemn him. i'm not buying this nonsense of now our condemning him. we helped make this guy and now we want to condemn him. the media doesn't build you up and tear you down, the media builds you up to tear you down. we are guilty of this and we can't just point the finger at donald trump. billy bush ain't the only one who ought to be in trouble for enabling donald trump. i'm sick of trump, i'm sick of the media. our profession, quite frankly, i say this with pride, but i'm sick of us. i'm sick not only of the fact this is not just bad for the republican party, but it's bad for we progressives. it's hard to push hillary to be more progressive when she's running against a guy who is running a campaign of the absurd. speaking of republicans, i'm not buying this nonsense that they now oppose donald trump because of his vile rhetoric. they're concerned about their seats. it's always about people trying to save their own hide. they don't care about donald
8:23 pm
trump, they care about their seats. they help make this guy. this party helped create this guy. and now he's now dragging them down, they want to abandon him. this is the same donald trump today that existed in 2005. they didn't know that? they didn't vet this guy? they got behind him, they supported him, they endorsed him, they made him their candidate and now they want to run for him because they are in trouble. there is a lot tonight to make us sick. i repeat once again, billy bush, i don't condone what he did, but he's not the only one that ought to be in trouble tonight and be held accountable for enabling donald trump. >> tavis, do you think the coverage should change? should it still be kind of a comparison apples to apples, the clinton campaign covered the same way the trump campaign is? >> we're doing the same thing now we always do. we covered the horse race. donald trump habgood fs been go ratings, he's been good for subscriptions, and we once again fell for the banana in the tail
8:24 pm
pipe, and once again we are covering the horse race. it's not about changing now again. courage isn't doing the right thing when you poll test and see that the rest of the country is now sick of donald trump. that's our job from the very beginning. from the very beginning, along with the republican party, we helped create this guy, and quite frankly, it makes me sick to my stomach to watch how we all want to get out front and condemn donald trump as if we had nothing to do with helping to create this monster in the first place. >> the biggest challenge i can give you in 30 seconds, what happens after this election is over? >> sadly, my sense, brian, is we'll return to business as usual. we beat our chest about doing the right thing to condemn him, about moving america in the right direction. and sadly, as so often is the case, on race, on politics, on sexism, on patriarchy, we return to a nation of business as usual. we've grown older but we've not grown wiser. we've grown older but we haven't grown up.
8:25 pm
finally, this election again is about what kind of country we're going to be, what kind of nation are we going to be. we need to turn inward and ask some very serious questions. >> tavis smiley who has carved out a home for sane conversation. tavis, always good to see you. we'll have you back. sorry, we're short on time. thank you very much. when we come back, let's accentuate the positive. thank you. wait, i become a model?!? no. whose cellphone is that? sorry. sorry. sorry about that vent blowing your hair. start the hair, skin & nails challenge today and notice a difference or your money back. nature's bounty. 80% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's gummies. complete with key nutrients
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last thing before we go here
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tonight, and it has to do with good news. we thought we could use a little of that right now, so after our dark night of politics, here's to some heroes in our midst. starting with the six americans who are the recipients of this year's nobel prizes. six americans, recipients in physics, economics and chemistry and all six have one thing in common: they are all immigrants. came to this country from somewhere else. the prize for literature is awarded on thursday. and while political news diverted our attention, hurricane matthew kept on churning. as usual our heroic first responders went to work. in the state of north carolina alone, they conducted more than 1,400 swift water rescues last week. it went on to kill people in haiti. it killed 13 americans, and floodwaters destroyed a lot of lives. finally here's to carl baecker.
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he's our hero because he asked the question last night that forced the candidates to say something positive about one another. it was a shining moment in the midst of this dark campaign season. with that, this is our broadcast tonight. "ha "hardball with chris matthews" begins right now. to the bitter end. let's play hardball. good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. with 29 days to go, donald trump is clearly going to tough it out, face ag ling a lot of defe and his campaign taking a negative turn just an hour before a debate with hilla


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